Drake’s Full Biography

The famous rapper Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham is among the most influential artists known. The former child actor has won a lot of awards and even gone ahead of his mentors in the music industry. Stemming from a musical background, the rapper started nurturing his skills from a young age.


Drake was born in Toronto, to his biracial parents, Sandra and Dennis Graham in 1986 (October 4th). The mother of the artist, commonly known as Sandi is a Canadian with an Ashkenazi Jewish background and works as an English instructor and florist. However, the rapper’s father is from Memphis in Tennessee, and he is a practicing Catholic. Thus, Drake has dual citizenship in Canada and America.

Drake has a musical route, as his father worked as a drummer and had even performed with Jerry Lee Lewis, the country musician. Drake’s father had met his mother Sandra during one of his performances, which she had attended at the Toronto’s Club Bluenote. According to the artist, his grandmother had baby sited Louis Armstrong, showing another musical background.

Five years after Drake was born, his parents got divorced but the rapper remained with his mother in Toronto. Growing up, the rapper stayed in two neighborhoods in Canada; Weston Road, and later moved in 2010 to Forest Hill.


At a young age, Drake attended the Jewish school and attained a bar mitzvah. He also attended the Forest Hill Collegiate Institute, and during his stay there, the artist demonstrated his affinity for arts, taking up the acting role.

Moving to the neighborhood of Oakwood Vaughan, Drake started attending the Vaughan Road Academy. The rapper dropped out of school at one point due to his acting career lashing with his massive class schedule. However, he returned and graduated from the school in October 2012.


Although Drake started writing songs as a teenager, he was first known for his acting career, as the artist became eager to be an actor at the age of fifteen. Then, he got introduced to his friend’s father who was an acting agent and was able to secure the role in the series Degrassi (a Canadian teen drama).

Portraying the Character Jimmy Brooks, Drake acted incredibly as a basketball star that got disabled following the shoot out from his classmate. Along the line, the star got inspired by the songsters Clipse and Jay-Z, making the artist release “Room for Improvement,” his mixtape in 2006. The mixtape the effort of Canadian producers Frank Dukes and Boi-1da, and featured Lupe Fiasco and Trey Songz.

Then, the rapper released his second mixtape debut titled “Comeback Season” and soon, he became amongst the artist spoken about in the industry. With support from artists like Jay Z, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne, it didn’t take much time for his great talents to be seen by the whole world.

Drake launched his single promotional “Best I had Ever Had” in 2009, towards the end of June. After bidding the artist, he signed with the record label, Universal Motown, and later released the EP “So Far Gone.”

This album featured his best single title “Best I Ever Had,” which appeared on the Billboard’s Hot 100 “Singles,” emerging as the second on the chart. Then, the song “Successful,” his collaboration with Trey Songz and Lil Wayne emerged as the “Best 25 Songs of 2009” on Rolling Stone’s list. Ever since the artist’s songs keep dominating the airwaves of radio stations.

Joining the Young Money Entertainment on America’s Most Wanted Tour, the artist performed in July but had an accident on stage. Falling off during his performance, Drake tore the anterior ligament that made him undergo surgery. After that sad event, the rapper later recovered and released a full album in 2010, titled “Thank Me Later.”

Although this was the first full album, it was debuted at the top of Canadian and American album charts. The album made many sales, with more than 447,000 copies sold within the first week of its release. Hosting a free concert alongside Hanson, over 25,000 fans gathered at the South Street Seaport in New York. Sadly, the concert didn’t hold as a riot ensued, making the police cancel it.

Drake released his second album titled “Take Care” in 2011, which had some to hits including “The Motto” and “Make Me Proud.” This album was recognized all over the world and came out top in the best rap category of the Grammy Awards in 2013. In 2015, the rapper also released two mixtapes, which debuted No. 1 on the Billboard chart and remained so for 13 weeks.

The rapper further won 13 awards at the Billboard Music Awards. Releasing an EP consisting of two songs in 2018, the artist opened the year with “I’m Upset” and “Nice for What.” In June that same year, the artist released the album “Scorpion” that worked great, thrilling his fans as always. The artist later joined Chris Brown and dropped some awesome hits. January 2020, Drake joined forces with Future and released the “Life is Good.”

Net Worth;

The rapper reportedly earned 45 million dollars within 2017 and 2018, and within 2018 and 2019, he earned a total of 95 million dollars. Drake is currently has a net worth of 180 million dollars and is among the highest pained entertainers around the globe. The artist also signed various endorsement deals with some companies including Sprite, and fast foods like Whataburger and Burger King.


Aubrey Drake Graham commonly known by the stage name Drake is an American-Canadian rapper with Jewish routes. For the artist, his success story was truly a “rise to stardom,” as the songster came from a background that is not well-doing.

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