Before 1960 Dubai was just a desert.But the ruler of Dubai has changed its face.SHEIKH MOHAMMED BIJ RASHID AI MAKTON is the ruler of Dubai.

He has made Dubai one of the best cities in the world.The ruler of Dubai was asked a question in an interview

Interviewer: what do you want this place to be?

Ruler:I want it to be the number 1,not in the region but in the world,In everything…..High Education, Health, Housing,just making the  highest way of living.

Dubai has become so famous that….Most people around the world think of it as a country .

But it is not a state, it’s just a city in the United Arab Emirates.

A city that was dessert a few years ago.Is now a world known Country.

Most people now find DUBAI as a dream country like:

Where they spend there Honeymoon, Shoppings, Travelling with friends, Lovers, And Families.

10% Of Nigerians now live in Dubai Because The find Dubai now as a home of comfort. Nigeria Popular HUSH PUPPI who was recorded as NIGERIAN number Fraudster was caught with his crew in Dubai Shopping mall, Lot’s celebrities in the world come to Dubai for holidays.

Dubai is now recording about

3.331 million people as at July 2019, And Dubai is happy to announce that

1 United Arab Emirates Dirham equals
103.87 Nigerian Naira today.
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