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  So many nigerian youths is against the security AGENT CALLED “SOCIAL ANTI ROBBERY SQUAD” ( SARS) in nigeria today.

SARS is an agent created and enforced by the federal goverment against ANTI ROBBERY in nigerian. The agent SARS was created in 1992 to deal with crimes in nigeria,SUCH AS:

FRAUD: This is the main reason why the federal goverment enforced the agent SARS in nigeria to fight against fraudulent and embezzlement of some nigerian youths.

in nigeria today some youths have based in online and social fraud,….Many people and lots of countries have fall victims to some scammers pretending to be someone or using a fake identity to escort money from there clients who may fall victim to them.

That is why the federal goverment had to create the end to that. Some countries like USA, GERMANY, JAPAN ENGLAD, AUSTRALIA and lots more now has it mind that any nigerian youth is now a scammer.

information has it that the agent SARS due to the power enforced by the federal goverment to them, They now use the opportunity to kill innocent souls and take bribery in order to enforce laws.

Now the youths of nigeria has agreed on protesting against the stop, and policebrutality, The nigerian youths having taken laws to there self by burning all police stations and protesting vibrantly to the goverment against the stop of this agents.

This ongoing crisis has caused lots of damages and lots of life have been lost through the shooting and massacre of the nigerian youths protesting.

Which made The NECO officials to postpone the ongoing Examination till futher notice,……Some states is on total lockdown like LAGOS, ABUJA, PORTHARCOURT, DELTA,ETC.

Here are some videos of burnt police station by the #ENDSARS protesters.This crisis is going on in some the states in nigerian.

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