The word “CORONA VIRUS” is  a disease caused by NEW STRAIN of CO’RONA VIRUS ‘CO” ,’VI’ for virus and “D” for disease.

fomarlly this disease was reffered to as ‘2019 novel CORONA VIRUS’ OR “2019 -nCoV’.

The covid 19 virus is a new virus linked to the same family of viruses are severe acute respiratory sydrum (SARS) and some types of common code.

This is a brief meaning of the word COVID-19.some of the syptoms are as followed:

   symptoms includes:COUGH,FEVER and shortness of more severe cases,    Infections of the COVID-19 can cause pneumonia or breathing difficulties. More raely the disease can be fatal.THis symptoms are similar to the flue(INFLUENZA)OR the common code,which are lot more common than the COVID-19.

CORONA VIRUS started first in DECEMBER 2019 it was first reported in china. afterwards corona virus cases was reported in nigerian which the federal goverment of NIGERIAN gave a speech of total LOCKDOWN which made the shutdown of SCHOOLS,CHURCHES,UNIVERSITIES,MARKETS. COVID-19 cases was first reported in LAGOS NIGERIA which has about (20,807) cases in lagos as at 26/10/2020. Lagos set to have the most cases than other remaining 35states in nigeria.

LAGOS have about (1,130 deaths reported)

                                (Discharged  cases 57,465)

                                (Active cases 3,397)

                                (Confirmed cases 61,992)

                               (Samples Tested 607,435) 

The federal goverment gave a huge amount of money for the support of COVID-19 Virus known as CORONA VIRUS ,Many state where shared covid-19 parliatives and money was also shared to many states in nigeria.Some distributed covid-19 parliatives where discovered in some states Like LAGOS covid-19 parliatives was discoverd recently.

some other states like

lagos 20,807

FCT 5,967

plateau 3,594

oyo 3,423 .

rivers 2,773.

edo 2,648.

kaduna 2,617

ogun 2,010.

delta 1,812.

kano 1,742

ondo 1,666

enugu 1,314

kwara 1,067

ebonyi  1,049

kastina 952

osun 923

abia state 898

gombe 883

bornu 745

bauchi 710

imo 614

benue 486

nasarawa 478

bayelsa 403

ekiti  332

jigawa 325

akawa ibom 295

anambara 277

niger 274

adamawa 257

sokoto 165

taraba 140

kebbi 93

cross river 87

yobe 82

zamfara 79

kogi 5

This are the recent updates from the COVID-19 health board.

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