Before Donald TRUMP  came to POWER, there was a lot of wickedness going on AGAINST the united States of America
As a billionaire, He decided to run for the president to Change the status.

He later successfully won the election and since the Inception of his leadership, all his salaries do go to the less privilege in America.

He brought his best team to rebrand the American Economy and to do that which Democrats couldn’t do.

America became the best Economy in the world.

Since Donald Trump took over power, all the MEDIA houses turned against him From one false news to another just to destroy me…
The reason they hate me was because I recognized Jerusalem as the capital of israel and failed to Join in their Illuminati cult.

Donald was planning that in my second term in office, I will look towards Africa and liberate them from the bondage they are in from the Europeans.

Donald never knew that China was planning to recolonize Africa. They brought a disease CALLED CORONA VIRUS and hid it away from the rest of the world.

Today it has shattered that country and still raking havoc

He is perplexed. Donald really love his citizens and hate to see them dying as it is happening today.

They have spent trillions of dollars just because of what China caused. Donald really would have used this money to liberate Africa especially those trapped in Nigeria and stop the killing of Christians.

Donald trump is in tears now.


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