I own a company,none of my staff knew me as the owner except the manager and Secretary,..(I had told them not to disclose my identity to anyone),….I don’t usually go for a visit,one day I visited the company and saw my ex wife who told had thrown me out of my own house ,I asked the manager and he said she is one of the staff,



I instructed the manager to promote her to personal officer,gave her a car,a bungalow,garden boy ,security and other emoluments .And undeserved position though ,of which he did.A month later I went there as a job seeker as soon as she saw with my application letter and CV, she rejected me outright threw application letter at my face and immediately retrieved it from the floor and tore it to pieces and threw it in the waste bin.After regaling me with all my last she informed me I would never get employment nor a opportunity at the company,also she swore on heaven and the earth that all this will happen.she boldly declared that the only way I can get employment at the company will be over her cold dead body.

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