Nigerian talented musician Duby Yung comes up with a vibrant music jam titled “Rise

produced by Tudxkey and mastered by Relevant mix


Duby Yung, onyeoma
Wagwan, free me I want to live my life.
Use your brain no Dey waist my time
Or if I catch you I go run you down, run you down
Wagwan, our leaders no get joy for us
Ha biakwa buru headache to us
For our face them dey lie to us.
‘“They coming on sheep cloth but with their sweet mouth they ma tear you into two
Shine your eyes man if they tell you make you move
Them stealing our right and they robbing us too.” Two times

“Like the eagles up in the sky
We will always be stronger
At the end of tribulations
Victory will be ours” 2times
“Let’s Rise for a better you
Let’s Rise for a better me
Let’s build a greater world together” 2times

Verse 2
“Them are calling mummy
Little children dem are screaming daddy
Food no Dey, dem are feeling hungry
They take away their right and leave them with nothing haa “ 2times
“It’s a wicked world we’re dey eh
People leaving in fear eh
Lord help us I pray eh
Give us better day.” 2times

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